Nba 2k18 morale meanings

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I have the benefit of working with an incredibly talented and dedicated group of producers and engineers. At this point in the year we have put so much into the game that it is honestly difficult to narrow down the best way to relate the impact of our changes to your game-play experience. I will take you through the 3 key areas of improvement: Tendencies, AI execution and Motion. First, here are a few general improvements I want mention before we jump into the deep end.


We have moved the selection of plays and substitutions from the right stick back to the buttons. To bring up the dynamic play menu you now press the d-pad to the left. And make your selection by pressing the corresponding button.

Tapping RT again will take you from freelance style to freelance set selection. This year we added the ability to display the name of the default freelance for the selected team.

Or you can simply press d-pad up to access a smart play. The first page will display player specific quick plays.

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Press d-pad down to bring up the substitution menu press the button of the player you would like to sub out of the game. Almost nothing can enhance a game-play experience vs the AI like clearly defined tendencies. Last year you may recall we deployed a massive tendency updates to signal a new found commitment towards giving the tendencies their proper place in the spot-light.

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Traditionally, video game tendencies can sometimes suffer from what I call tendency overlap. This occurs when you have one front-end tendency that may be controlling more than one outcome or situation. One such tendency in NBA 2K17 would be the shot three tendency.

NBA 2K18 Offensive Tendencies, AI Execution & Motion Blog From Da_Czar

A high value here would make the player more likely to shoot threes. It became clear that these tendencies needed more context.

Instead of a single three point shot tendency, this year we have situationally specific tendencies. One of the first situations I wanted to cover was spot-ups.

This year when a player catches a pass in a spot-up situation we check the following tendencies to determine what this player is likely to do. When a player catches the ball in a spot-up situation in NBA 2K18 we first look to determine if the pass was caught in mid-range or three-point territory.

Then we compare the shot and drive tendency to determine if this player is likely to drive or shoot in this situation. Next we looked at Off-screen situations. Similar to spot-ups we make a determination on what range the player is at when he receives the ball after running off a screen. If it is mid-range we compare the shot mid-range with the off-screen drive tendency to determine the most appropriate course of action. Same logic follows if the catch was made behind the three point line.

So it only made sense to also account for players that like to pull-up for three in transition. This tendency measures how likely a player is to pull up for three off the dribble in transition.

To deliver even more control into our users hands we broke out our step-back tendencies to allow for even greater player differentiation. We can create AI opponents who only step-back from mid-range, the three point line, or both. We also reduced a value in code that had the AI attempting to reduce long 2 point shots by stepping back to shoot a three.

This caused users to become frustrated with the AI stepping back when wide open, and then being too well defended to get a shot off in time. Additionally, we broke out our contested shots in the same manner so you can feel the difference between the mid-range contested shots that Carmelo might take vs Chef Curry cooking up defenders from deep.Prior to the advent of card-collecting modes or single-player campaigns, the most anticipated mode in a sports game used to be the franchise mode.

As you can imagine, these changes are enormous in scope.

nba 2k18 morale meanings

You can read all about it in our forums as plenty of people are doing great work. Before I even attempt to adjust sliders or look for a good set to download, I decided to pick a franchise and run through a few seasons to see what 2K19 gets right out of the box and what requires adjusting via sliders. I decided to take control of the Dallas Mavericks. They have a relatively clean cap sheet to go along with two fascinating young players: explosive point guard Dennis Smith and international phenom Luka Doncic.

Jumping right into to the first day of the regular season, and with a ton of cap space already waiting for me, I set out to clear even more space by dealing away the only two big, non-rookie contracts I have on the books for next year: Harrison Barnes and Dwight Powell both are player options, but neither is turning down that money in the current climate.

List of NBA2K Play Types

This is something that I would hope slider tweaks could prevent as there is no way the Hawks would ever give up a first for one year of Harrison Barnes.

But for me, fictional Mavs GM? I decided to do so since I had no intention on trying to re-sign him. As expected, the Mavericks did not have a good year. I finished with the second-worst record in the league at The lone bright spot on the court was that Doncic was voted Rookie of the Year. The Warriors ended up winning their third title in a row, and their fourth in five years.

In a strange twist, the Pistons ended up winning the East, and even took the Warriors to seven games in the Finals. The offseason started with a bang as Mavs icon Dirk Nowitzki announced his retirement. That was followed up by a shocking move: the firing of head coach Rick Carlisle. His replacement? None other than Gregg Popovich. Going in to the Draft Lottery, I had the second-best odds at the first pick.

I ended up leaving with the fourth pick. A disappointment for sure, but a top-five pick is still exciting. I drafted Eugene Roy, a sharpshooting two guard with A potential. With Smith and Doncic already in the fold, I now have three athletic guards on the roster who can fill out the first three spots in the starting lineup.

Now my focus will turn to finding frontcourt help. I started free agency with enough cap space to sign two max free agents.Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard.

nba 2k18 morale meanings

It has always been full of issues and bugs, but I have to say 2k17 has been the best experience. Really scared to buy 2k18 right now. I have toyed around long enough. I'm enjoying where the gameply is right now so I've started my legit ML. I'm playing as the Wizards mainly, but it's really full league control where I play the more interesting games. About 2 weeks in I made some interesting trades.

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Let the AD to Chicago rumors start to swirl I want to see if Pop can rejuvenate his career and turn him into a low post beast while at least competent defensively. Gortat is also solid veteran insurance for Embiiid. The 76ers are done rebuilding, they're going for contention now. I just like the move.

The Suns have a sniping backcourt who can light it up with Mills and Booker.

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Defense it terrible but damn are they fun to run with. Plus Josh Jackson is gonna be a monster. This is a team I'm lowkey watching. Bledsoe just screams Spurs to me for some reason. It also brings the Spurs a step closer to the Warriors. I love parity in my league. That's it so far but as things shake out I'm sure there will be more movement.

I try to keep things realistic and within reason while also fun. I've achieved that so far. BobbyColtrane likes this. When some of you talk about 30 teams control, you have to sim every single games for all them or you put specific options on auto?

Somebody has to make a complete guide for 30 teams control, that would be awesome. Advertisements - Register to remove. Quote: Originally Posted by Imotepe When some of you talk about 30 teams control, you have to sim every single games for all them or you put specific options on auto? I'm drafting in a myleague with my friends this upcoming weekend.

Does anyone have any "budget ballers" as in late round beasts that I should look into? I love Zhou Qi so far. I officially started my ML yesterday. Playing as the Pelicans but as always I did a fantasy draft so my team is completely different.

Spent about 2 hours editing the draft class. Didn't play any games yet.NBA2K gives you several play types that you can assign to your players. To help you make sense of these play type options, I compiled a list of each of the different play types available. I also included a short description of what those type of plays do and in some of the play types included a video example of a play so you can see what one looks like in action.

In all of the videos, the play is ran against the cpu or versus a user on hall of fame difficulty, simulation sliders. There are no passes and no screens.

Taking a Look at NBA 2K19 MyLeague and Why Sliders Are Necessary

In the video, I call an isolation play for David West which turns into an easy bucket for George. Not your typical isolation play but a good result from that playbook. An off ball player comes up and sets a screen on the ball handler's defender. The ball hander runs his man off the screen and the screener rolls to the basket to receive the pass.

Here's a good example of me running a pick and roll play with George Hill passing to Roy Hibbert for an easy layup. Pick and fade mid The pick and fade mid is set up just like the pick and roll with one difference, the roll man fades to an open midrange spot to take an easy jumper.

In this video, I run a pick and fade to David West for a jumper. He wasn't as open as he could have been but he knocked down the shot nonetheless. Pick and fade 3 point The pick and fade 3 pointer is where the screening man has three point range. After he sets the screen, he fades out all the way to the three point line instead of the mid range area.

Bigs like those guys are hard covers for bigs like Roy Hibbert and they really stretch the defense. Pick and roll option The fourth pick and roll play type is the pick and roll option.

Instead of the pick and roll being set in the play, the play will respond to how the defense is playing and choose either roll, or fade. Post up low Post up low play types are great for bigs with the ability to do moves that start with their back to the basket down on the low block.

If you've got a big with good post moves, you'll want to feed the post and let him dominate inside. Here's a nice low post play I ran for Roy Hibbert that took a little while to develop but got him a nice shot.

Post up high If you've got a big who can shoot the 15 to 20 foot jump shot and who's a good passer, then you've got an opportunity to work out of the high post. The high post is the area up by the free throw line. One of my favorite players who worked the high post was David West. He was pretty much money from 15 to 17 feet. Here is a play I used to get Scola open in the high post for an easy jumper. Guard post up There's a special set of play types exclusively for guards who like to post up like bigs.

Typically, these are stronger guards that have a size mismatch and decide to take their guy down in the low post. One of my favorite guard post up players was Mark Jackson. In fact, because of him and Charles Barkley they added the five second back down rule.Login Register. Ask a Question. Can u turn off morale.

Your Answer: Your name to display optional : Email me at this address if my answer is selected: Email me if my answer is selected Privacy: Your email address will only be used for sending these notifications. To avoid this verification in future, please log in or register. Answers 1. Why is it that in NBA 2K15, 16, 17 and now 18 there is no way to fix your my players morale. It always says 'heated. I have won 2 NBA titles it's only my third year, I average a triple double, explain.

Your comment on this answer: Your name to display optional : Email me at this address if a comment is added after mine: Email me if a comment is added after mine Privacy: Your email address will only be used for sending these notifications. Related questions. Can I turn 2KTV off? How to fix error code 4be50? How to turn fatigue off. Most popular tags player-builds nba-2k17 nba-2k18 myplayer nba-2k19 attribute-upgrades-caps how-to ps4 jump-shots nba-2k-archetypes nba-2k-badges vc archetypes mycareer best locker-codes xbox-one.

Email me at this address if my answer is selected: Email me if my answer is selected. Privacy: Your email address will only be used for sending these notifications. Email me at this address if a comment is added after mine: Email me if a comment is added after mine.Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics serves as cover athlete for the regular edition of the game, Shaquille O'Neal is the cover athlete for the special editions, and DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors is the cover athlete for the Canadian version.

While a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers when selected for the cover, Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics prior to the game's release. As a result, a new cover depicting Irving in a Celtics uniform was revealed alongside the original cover. This was the last installment in the series to be released for the Xbox and PlayStation 3. Several game modes are present, including the team-managing MyGM and MyLeague modes, which were a considerable emphasis during development, and MyCareer, in which the player creates and plays through the career of their own player.

The game features a licensed soundtrack consisting of 49 songs. NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation game which, like the previous games in the series, strives to realistically depict the National Basketball Association NBAas well as present improvements over the previous installments. The player mainly plays NBA games with real-life or customized players and teams; games follow the rules and objectives of NBA games.

Several game modes are present and many settings can be customized. In terms of commentary, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett appear as guest commentators. Along with the current season's teams and players, previous games in the series have featured NBA teams from past eras, such as the —96 Chicago Bulls and the —86 Boston Celtics. NBA 2K18 adds seventeen more such teams, including the —08 Denver Nuggets and the —99 New York Knicksas well as 'All-Time Teams', teams for each franchise consisting of the greatest players in the respective franchise's history.

A staple of the series, MyCareer, returns as one of the available game modes. MyCareer is a career mode in which the player creates their own customizable basketball player and plays through their basketball career.

The mode features a storyline which plays out as the player competes in games as well as off-court activities. The creation tools have been overhauled — new hairstyles and body archetypes are available for the player to make use of, among other things.

The game's returning MyGM and MyLeague game modes, which task the player with managing all basketball operations for a specific team, were a point of emphasis during development. MyGM is more focused on realism, whereas MyLeague offers more customization options.

MyGM mode attempts to introduce more cutscene-style interactions than previous games in an attempt to give the mode a storyline, which is dubbed 'The Next Chapter', similar to the series' MyCareer mode. NBA 2K18 again, for the sixth time in the series, features MyTeam mode, a mode based around the idea of building the ultimate basketball team, and maintaining a virtual trading card collection.

Players assemble and play with their team in basketball tournament-style competitions against other players' teams in several different formats. Assets for a team are acquired through various means, including randomized card packs and the auction house. Virtual Currency VC is used extensively in the mode. In addition to allowing access to the aforementioned modes, Neighborhoods feature an open world design which players can explore while interacting with other players.

Several activities can be completed to raise attributes and the player can purchase items.Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Hey all, for those of you who followed my sliders and work for last year, I aim for that same type of game play this year I will include my Myleague settings for this year also and repost last years rotation guideline as it is necessary once again this year unless using advanced rotation method.

This is just like last year, in your teams coaching profile make these changes. Here is the Key.

nba 2k18 morale meanings

I'll explain. Starters: 2 players at 35 minutes 1 player at 25 minutes 2 players at 15 minutes Bench: 6th and 7th man at 35 minutes these guys need to play same positions as the starters who got only 15 minutes 8th man: 25 minutes ideally the same position as the starter who plays 25 minutes 9th and 10th man: 10 minutes same position as guys that play 35 minutes let me go ahead and address the questions that I know will follow 1.

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No trading away any 1st round picks current or future in your teams name. Last edited by schnaidt1; at PM. Advertisements - Register to remove. Hi Schnaidt. I look forward to trying your sliders. I actually have used Pro for the past few years Sent from my VS using Operation Sports mobile app. I really like the speed and pace of your gameplay sliders.

NBA 2K18 Offensive Tendencies, AI Execution & Motion Blog From Da_Czar

The slightly faster animations and player movement suit my playing style. It looks and feels like an NBA game.

nba 2k18 morale meanings

Great job. I will upload these sliders on Xbox One for anyone interested in trying them out. File Name- Schnaidt1.

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Quote: Originally Posted by ch I really like the speed and pace of your gameplay sliders. Quote: Originally Posted by schnaidt1 hey!! BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off.

Pingbacks are Off.

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